Coaching can make the difference…..

Business Coaching & Mentoring

A single-person business can be lonely. 

I listen to and help develop your ideas, offer challenges, work with you on both strategic plans and SMART shorter-term objectives to keep you buoyed up and moving forward.

When your small team and revenue are growing and you need to contemplate a step up in your business towards your ultimate goal, I work with you to identify the longer-term business and people plans.  

If you are an executive in a large organisation with drive, determination and the vision to advance your career, I’ll help you bring it to life, working with you on a wide range of methods to develop your skills and personal brand including networking and image management.  

When there’s a restructuring, a merger or an acquisition going on and you need to keep your best people and identify those with future potential, I’ll work with you on talent management assessment, succession planning and personal development plans for them.

Recent CIPD reports show that companies that have used coaching have achieved

a return on their investment of more than 30%.

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