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BSH People have more than 25 years’ experience in Coaching, Mentoring and Leadership Development

Coaching & Mentoring Clients


Single-person companies who benefit from an experienced mentor/coach to support and guide their business growth.


Owners/MDs of SMEs with growing teams, looking to expand the business and develop their people.


C-level, Directors and senior managers in larger organisations responsible for talent management and succession planning in the face of business challenges.

Leadership & Management Development Clients include:


Levels 3 and 5 ILM/CMI learners working towards a Diploma/Certificate in Leadership and Management programmes.


Leadership and management workshops to support and develop leaders and team managers.

How Do I Know If I Need a Business Coach?

What is Business Coaching?

Business coaching is about helping business owners and employees to become more effective and listening/supporting/guiding them through the process. Coaching influences employee adaptability, productivity, and retention. It helps you grow and develop your business and people skills and make better use of your time.

How Do I Know if Business Coaching Is Right for Me?
  • You’re working all hours and your home life is suffering.
  • You’re too involved in the day to day business to take time looking at the bigger picture.
  • There’s nobody to bounce ideas around with and nobody holds you to account for anything
  • You broke free from an employed prison and now you’re in a self-employed one.
  • Your To Do lists never work out because there’s just too much To Do
  • You’re torn between being out selling and in doing all the work to catch up
  • Some days you just feel a sense of rising panic and inertia

If you recognise yourself in any of these statements, it’s time to look for an experienced professional Business Coach who will listen to you, guide you, help you resolve the challenges, hold you to account and support you to achieve the success you deserve.

Do You Work With Startup Companies?

As an SFEDI qualified Business Enterprise Mentor, I’m often asked to work with people who have good ideas they want to put into practice but don’t know how to get started and may feel afraid to fail. It’s a known fact that 20% of new businesses crash in the first year – so having a Business Coach to steer you safely through the start-up process, give you expert tips and techniques and help you think through a successful sales strategy is a sound investment to make.

Do You Offer Ongoing Consulting Services?

I offer a regular monthly coaching/ consulting service to businesses looking for expert support in people leadership and management, team development, project management of change, expansion and succession planning, competency assessment, company restructure and outplacement.  


“Recent research shows that the most significant common factor differentiating high performing leadership teams from less effective teams is the attention and time they devote to coaching and being coached.”

David Clutterbuck

About Sue Hanson

Coach, Mentor & Leadership Development Specialist

With a background in leading HR teams in three major blue-chip companies and 12 years in a global management consultancy, I have been a self-employed HR Consultant since 2001.

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