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We will join you on your side of the managerial desk…………

In the recruitment of key people, there’s often a difference between delivering what our clients initially think they want and what we discover they really need when we develop together our detailed agreed brief for the job.

Our passion and purpose in recruitment is not only to match the candidate to the essential criteria of the role, but to ensure that they fit with the vision, values and integrity of the company, in order to achieve excellent results for our client’s future business.

And we’re not afraid to challenge any pre-determined assumptions!

The Role Profile we meticulously build with the client will reflect the qualifications, skills and experience sought and the personal competencies needed to do the job – leadership, decision making, relationship building, organization and planning, the ability to work under stressful conditions – a whole raft of behaviours that determine the “fit” of the person to the job.

We offer a number of cost-effective options for sourcing and targeting appropriate candidates; once agreed we will quietly manage the whole of the initial process of advertising, screening and telephone interviewing to bring to you a suitable shortlist.

We treat candidates at all times with respect and sensitivity, ensuring that they see our clients as “employers of choice”.

Our experience over 20 years in generating and managing assessment processes from very large multinationals to very small local Yorkshire companies enable us to create no-fuss bespoke, final stage selection exercises appropriate for the size of the organization and the job.

We also offer the option of security/credit and background checking through a reliable and longstanding business partner.

We can join your recruitment process at any time – if you have already chosen one or more favoured candidates, we can help you to make a considered judgment by using one or more assessment techniques.

To discuss how we may be able to help your business, please contact us on 0113 267 1451 or 07711 930 738 or email us here.





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