Executive Coaching Testimonials


“Coaching by a  BSH People Consultant  has helped me transform my team’s performance and completely changed my approach to managing the business.”  Quality Director

“It has been a life-changing experience understanding how to approach things in a measured, balanced way. I’m doing things differently now, with better influencing skills. Coaching has broken the mould I was set in and redefined the way I work – it’s been amazingly productive for my role.”    Director of Operations

“Your coaching has helped me to become more focused and goal-oriented toward strategic corporate issues.”   National HR Manager

“Coaching is a more responsive form of development – it does not “tell” but allows me to develop my own themes and ideas on the ways to resolve issues.”  Operations Manager

“My delegation skills have improved; I am more objective and have a better balance in my assessment of people.” UK Training Manager  

“I have become more able to think ahead about corporate training priorities; I have stuck to my guns in pushing through ideas which will add value to the company’s bottom line.”  Service Manager, Scotland                   


“The visualisation process my Coach used has focused me on what I want as work outcomes and career outcomes; I now spend time on analysing before action. The work on changing perspectives was extremely useful and has enabled me to see situations from different viewpoints before making decisions.” 

“Sue Hanson has undertaken coaching programmes with Johnson Controls to assist us in the development of some of our key people.

“We have found Sue to be a focused, effective coach, sensitive to the needs and feelings of our people yet able to push them to make beneficial changes, both for themselves and for the company.”  Stan Bennison, HR Manager, Johnson Controls



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