CV Preparation





Did you know that employers and consultants usually spend less than thirty seconds reading each CV for an advertised role?

It just goes to show that many people expect too much from their CV. Your CV is not supposed to get you a job – it’s only supposed to get you an interview! Your CV is a “shop window” for potential employers – it displays your achievements, background, skills and qualifications in a compelling and focused way.

The most important attribute of a good CV is that it clearly explains to the reader what it is that you can do for them. No-one is going to spend long reading your CV – they’re going to make a pretty fast judgement which is going to be influenced by presentation, clarity and a host of other factors.

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You need to make sure your CV ends up in the ‘interview’ pile instead of the ‘don’t bother’ pile! Any good CV will be:

  • A well-presented marketing document
  • A source of interesting, relevant information
  • A ‘cue-card’ that you can use when talking about yourself

If you want to get all these things right, contact us with your CV for a free initial discussion on how we can help you. Our CV preparation fees range start at £80.00