Career Counselling





It can happen to any of us – even something that seems like a ‘dream job’ can eventually become tedious, stressful or unrewarding. Change happens to us all – but that doesn’t mean that change has to be doom and gloom. You can achieve positive change if you take charge of your life – and the first step is proactive career planning.

What sort of people can benefit from career counselling? The answer is – pretty much everyone! Top executives with big plans, people who just have that uneasy feeling that they’re in the wrong job, young career-minded individuals looking for guidance and advice – anyone can make a change for the better through BSH People Career Counselling. We can help you seize control of your own future, uncover resources and talents that you’d forgotten you had, and kick-start a whole new phase of your life – one full of challenge and excitement

BSH People Career Counselling will help you to discover and focus on:

  • Your strengths, aspirations and abilities
  • Your motivators and drivers
  • Your future needs and goals
  • The kind of job/career which will be the ‘best fit’ for you

A  BSH People Career Planning programme can help you gain an understanding of how you see yourself, and how others see you. This valuable process helps you to make the right career moves inside an organisation or outside of it – moves that suit your character, meet your needs, and open up further opportunities for personal growth.

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