Career Counselling



It happens in many organisations – in particular those revising their business strategy to meet future marketplace demands.

A review of your key executives in times of change may reveal those who, for very genuine reasons, are unlikely to adapt to change required in their roles to take the business forward.

These are often loyal, long-serving people who have always done in the past what the company requires of them.

You respect them for their knowledge and the skills they have brought to their role.

However their character, motivations and value systems may now be creating barriers to the kind of employee flexibility, creativity, broader business commercial thinking and acumen you need to have in order to keep up with, or outpace, the competition in today’s competitive market place.

BSH People can help both you and them to resolve the situation in a positive, non-confrontational and supportive way.

We provide for you a professional, sensitive and successful career counselling service which supports these employees through the process of a controlled career move, to a role – either inside or outside your company – that will better suit their character, behaviours, desires and strengths.

Working closely with both the individual and organisational needs, we use a coaching approach coupled with assessments, including the use of personality profile and psychometric testing tools, to help people realise their innate capabilities, their aspirations, and options for future employment that fit with their aptitudes, skills and experience.


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