Assessment centre testimonials


“Armstrong World Industries has worked closely with Sue Hanson/BSH People on a number of projects with the aim of improving the skills and outputs required of our critical human resources.

“This has been done by using and interpreting psychometric assessment tools that have provided accurate and realistic feedback.

“The feedback is given in a candid manner allowing the individual to understand and reflect on their work style and how that translates into the achievement of business goals.

“The key in this work is that it has been achieved in a confidential, objective and dignified way.

“Sue has the ability to build on the psychometric results using appropriate questioning techniques in a non-threatening way that quickly gets to the root cause, identifying skills that need to be introduced or finely tuned.

“The subsequent coaching goals are then introduced in a co-operative way that gives the individual ownership for, and insight into, what needs to change.

“Sue takes time to understand the complexities of the organisational culture so that she is quickly able to make a difference.

“Sue more importantly gets results in a collaborative way that allows all parties to emerge as a ‘winner’.

“On a personal note, I find Sue a pleasure to work with.

“She has an open and sensitive style that facilitates change whilst maintaining the highest professional standards.”

Karen Parr
Human Resources Manager