Assessment Centres





How do you ensure you have the right people with the correct skills, abilities, aspirations, values and personality to fit your organisation?

The use of effective assessment techniques enables you to search for the particular skills and drivers that your organisation needs.

Research shows that assessment centres based around competency-focused exercises are the most accurate predictor of future performance.

We design and manage Assessment Centres for:

  • Entry selection for volume appointments
  • External recruitment at a more senior level
  • Identifying people for internal promotion opportunities
  • Career development

Your Assessment Centre will be tailored to your exact needs taking into account your organisation’s culture and the competencies that you value.

We have a wide range of different exercises to choose from, developed by ourselves as well as sourced externally.

We will also write bespoke Case Studies and business simulation exercises for you.

Our clients recognise that the assessment approach makes the selection process fairer and more effective than a standard job interview, which can be very subjective.

Plus the broader range of exercises increase the likelihood of their making a better informed judgement about candidate suitability.

Most importantly, the cost of an Assessment Centre or individual selection process  is minimal compared to the cost of recruitment error.


All our Consultants are accredited to Level B of the British Psychological Society, and we have access to a broad range of personality profiles and psychometric tests, both online and on paper.

Read what our clients say about our assessment centres here.

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